10 Amazing Tips How To Earn Money Online In India(2020)


As we know after coming to the internet in our life, we ask many questions to Google, and these days most searched is how to earn money online in india.

If you are searching how to earn money online, then I want to assure you that you are in the right place and please read until the end, I am sure you will be able to pick any good idea from this article.

  • What is your age?
  • Have you any experience?
  • Are you associated with any company or not?

Believe me, these kinds of things have no matter to make money online. Only you need to work-spirit and patience.

After getting to know you will get boost up, students are not waiting to get pass-out from the college to get the job and earn money. They find online ways and not only bear their study expenses but also set up their start-ups before they finish college.

Q-how to earn money online in india?

You can make real money with many of the ways like- Become freelancer, If you have any product then you can sell online, after it you can earn money online with affiliate marketing.

Q-How can I earn money online without any investment?

There are lots of ways to earn money online where you never need to invest money, and only you can start with your skills.

Q-How can I earn money by writing online in India?

Well, For this I would like to suggest you can be a content writer other than this you can start your blog.

These are the most searched questions for which you can look the easy answers to earn money online. Now we will be moving to our main concern, where you will get ideas along with how to implement them quickly.

#1-Earn money with blogging.

Blogging is the most popular part-time or full-time way to make money online. If you have any skills like- Cooking, drawing, technology, counseling, or in any other field and you are able represent it with the writing medium, then it is the right option for you.

You can start with Blogger or WordPress. Blogger is free where you don’t need money. Quickly go and follow your passion. Apart from this, you can go with WordPress where you need to domain and hosting. These both services you can purchase online under the minimum budget of almost two thousand to three thousand.

What is required for blogging?

  • You need a computer system.
  • You need an internet connection.
  • Choose any niche for blogging.
  • Try to give fresh and unique content to your readers on your chosen subject.
  • Always try to write content according to the Google algorithm.

#2- Make money with content writing.

Content writing field has lots of unlimited scope for the freshers. If you have technical knowledge, then you can be a technical background content writer. Many of the software and technology-based companies look for this kind of writer.

Apart from this, if you have general writing skills, then you can choose communication or journalism options where you can work for any online news or magazine writer.

Now, if you have a question in your mind about the language selection for content writing, then I want to suggest you that if you have good command on the global language like English, then it’s OK. But lots of companies or clients search local language content writers where is a proper scope for you.

Here I would like to mention some fields with the proper name like- Article, blogging, web content, social media content, SEO content, digital marketing, and many more where you can go according to the interest and knowledge.

What skills does a content writer need?

  • Your content should be based on proper research.
  • You have to write unique content.
  • Content should be engaging and interactive.
  • You have to write SEO friendly content.
  • You have to generate good ideas for content writing, which helps you represent different from the rush.

#3-Earn money from youtube.

Youtube is the most popular online video platform among video bloggers. The biggest reason is through the video, users can easily understand content and make good interaction.

These days people go on youtube and search the content which they want like- study, cooking, art and lots of good content are available on there. A global survey tells more than 60 percent of internet traffic come from video streaming. If I say video blogging is a good future, then this would not be wrong anyways. So you can understand the need of the users where they prefer to go for search online video content.

After creating a youtube channel, you can start the upload videos, with some necessary edits. Initially it will not be increased, but after giving the trending and useful content, I am sure you will get good results.

I hope you can choose your topic to be a Youtuber. But if you have no initial ideas, you can take the ideas from the most popular youtube channel, which are very famous in India- Technical guruji, BBKivines.

How to start a youtube channel?

  • You need a youtube account that you can create easily.
  • Shoot your videos with a mobile or camera which device you have.
  • Edit it according to make it exciting and interactive as well.
  • Now upload it on your youtube account.
  • After cross the minimum watch time 4000 hours, you would be able to monetize your channel.

#4-Earn money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a method where you can know how to earn money online in india without investment. Lots of E-commerce websites run an affiliate program. Anyone can join because it is free.

After joining the affiliate program, you will be able to create a link to the product, which you can share or embed anywhere like- Social media, website, blog and vlog where you have good traffic.

Through your link, if anyone purchases a product, then you will get a commission. Which may be different on every product, after joining it, you can know the actual percentage of commission on the products.

After complete the fixed threshold amount, the money will be transferred into your account. This is fix condition of every E-commerce affiliate program.

Tips-E-commerce website has thousands of products. But if you are a beginner, then you never need to see focus every product. Only you should focus on a particular product category(micro-niche). If you start with this strategy, you will good get success.

How to start affiliate marketing?

  • You have to create an affiliate account with any E-commerce website.
  • Now create the affiliate link of any product which you want to promote.
  • Now you need a platform where you could share it with your promotion or reviews of the product.
  • After getting purchased, automatically, you will get the commission in your account.

#5-Earn money online with product selling.

If you want to make more reach of your business and want to make your product local to global, then I would like to suggest about this online product selling options. A survey report tells in India online product selling market is more than 32 billion $, It means this is a vast market place, and you can be a part of this online business.

If you have some budget, you can create your e-commerce store, and for this, you have to do marketing and advertising to get online customers. This whole process may take some time, but after setup, you will get the best online market.

Apart from this, if you do not want to invest your money, then you can go with the market place companies which are lots of in India like- Amazon, Flipkart and many more where you have no need money for the registration.

Go and search for an option to become a seller on E-commerce websites. After go there, start to register, give information that is required, and complete your profile. For this, you need a GST number, which is compulsory for product selling. After that, you can start listing your products.

How to sell a product online?

  • You can start with your e-commerce website or start with any market place online portal.
  • Now you have to list your products with beautiful pics.
  • Give full details and specifications of your product which you are listing online.
  • After get purchased you will get money in your account.

#6-Make money online with Tech services.

If I talk start about the tech services, then this would not be complete in the limited words because this has various branches, but I try to enough information in my words. This field is right for a person who has an interest in IT(Information technology).

You can see it into lots of forms like- Development, coding, scripting, database, SQL, digital cloud computing, AI(Artificial intelligence), software development, Android development, and many more.

If you have completed your graduation with the IT branch or pursuing it, then it is very beneficial for you. But if you have not an IT background, then you do not need to worry. Still, you can get good expertise and experience from an Institute. Most of the Institute offers 3 to 6 month courses. You can join there and gain enough knowledge to start your carrier.

You can start to provide your services as a freelancer, and for this you can choose an online platform like- fiver where you will start a good earning. Other than this, you can join any company where you will get a good pay scale.

How to start tech services?

  • First of all, you should get the proper knowledge of coding, development, frontend, and backend.
  • To get the training you can join any institute where you can get a diploma for a specific field.
  • As a freelancer, you have to create your profile and gigs on freelancing websites where you can get projects.
  • Other than this, join any IT company where you can work online from anywhere.

#7-Make money online with logo designing.

If you want to know the importance of the logo designing field, I would like to tell you the logo is the face of any brand. A logo makes the memories of the brand in user’s minds.

Ok, I know you want an example of this statement. Just try to remember the brands that you have used in the whole day. I am sure you can identify all of them after only see the only logo of the brand.

After discussing the importance of this trending field, we should now move to how to start. Well, You have to look for graphic designing options. You can join any graphic designing institute that offers the course for the 3 to 6 month course.
In the second option, you can look any online graphic designing course. The best side of this part you do not need to go anywhere you can learn from home.

In 3 to 6 months, you will be a professional logo designer. After that, start your career as a freelancer or in any company you think is suitable for you.

How to start earning with logo designing?

  • Just Do a logo designing course from an institute, or you can learn it online also.
  • After getting excellent expertise, try to with any freelancer.
  • Apart from this, you can join any graphic designing company or any website designing company.
  • You can print your logo on clothes and sell them online at a reasonable price.

#8-Make money with photography.

Guys, If you have a passion for photography and want to convert your passion into earning, this segment is for you. If you do not know the value of photography, I want to tell you that you can make money in dollars with following your passion.

To be a professional photographer, You have to learn about the keen techniques of photography. This may be possible with your self practice or can join any course which may be online. But the most important thing your pictures should be in high quality and unique.

Now try to find websites that provide opportunities to upload your pictures free of cost. After sold-out your images, you will get a commission of royalty.

Websites may have different policies on the commission, but after setup it once, this will be one of the good passive income sources.

how to make money with photography online?

  • You should click the pic with the best quality gadgets like- DSLR or with any professional camera.
  • It would be best if you learned about the angle and effects by which you would take the best pictures(you can learn online within 5 to 6 days).
  • After it, you can upload your pics on the website, which I had mentioned above.
  • After sold out, you will get your commission or royalty on every picture.

#9- Start Career With Copywriting.

Copywriting is different from content writing. Copywriting means to write the text for advertising or marketing. The primary purpose of the copywriting is to gain more conversion rate on the landing page.

Copywriting is part of digital marketing. Copywriting used to create different things like-banners, magazine, advertisements, direct mail, newspapers, social media posts and many more.

You do not need a specific certificate after self-practice you can gain grip, and then you can start as a freelancer. Lots of media house and magazine company looks for the copywriter you can also join them.

How do I become a copywriter?

  • Make the skills to express things in brief words(possible with some days of practice).
  • Initially, for gain, the practice starts with the freelancing.
  • After get the good experience try to join with companies or agencies.

#10- Earn Money with Instagram.

how to earn money online in india
Earn Money with Instagram

Guys, I know this would be your favorite segments. Because we all have an Instagram account, and this is the most appealing picture-share, social media platform.But if you want to turn your passion into income, then I would like to share here tips about it.

First of all, you should choose your favorite niche that you can describe and promote confidently, like- Cloths, Gym stuff, Beauty products, and anything else in which you have an interest.

First, you have to work regularly to increase your followers. After making 10k followers, you can contact any local to promote. After gain 50k followers, most of the related brands can contact, and you can promote their products.

How To Earn Money From Instagram?

  • You need an Instagram account.
  • Choose any of your favorite niche and promote it regularly.
    Gain your followers.
  • After gain a good number of followers, contact any brand.
  • Promote the products and charge money for promotion.

If you are reading till the end, That shows you are sincere about your generate passive income. You are not reading only for the time pass, but you read all the tips on how to earn money online in india, which means you can do work online.

Before the end of my topic, I would like to tell you all the tips are genuine, and any age group person starts it as a part-time or full time. But once I want to repeat my words, you can not get success in 2-3 days or a week, but you have to work properly for months, and definitely, you will get results. Thanks for the read.

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